Navruz Celebration cultural tour 2024


Navruz, which means "new day" in Persian, is a traditional festival that celebrates the Persian New Year, which occurs on the spring equinox (usually around March 21st). Navruz is celebrated in many countries in Central Asia, including Tajikistan, as well as in Iran and Afghanistan.

In Tajikistan, Navruz is one of the most important celebrations of the year, and it is a time for family gatherings, feasting, and cultural activities. It is a time for people to renew their relationships and start fresh. During the celebration, people clean their homes and wear new clothes, and they decorate their homes with sprouted wheat or barley grass, called "sabzeh," as a symbol of new growth.

The main festivities take place over three days, starting on March 21st. On the first day, people visit relatives and friends and exchange gifts. The second day is a time for outdoor activities and games, such as tug-of-war and horse racing. The third day is a time for spiritual reflection and prayer.

Tajikistan is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage, and traveling there during Navruz can be an incredible experience. You will have the opportunity to witness traditional customs and festivities, taste delicious food, and meet friendly people. However, keep in mind that Navruz is a very busy time of year, so you may encounter crowds and higher prices. It is also important to respect local customs and traditions during the celebration.

  • Arrive in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan
  • Take a walking tour of the city, visiting sites such as the National Museum of Tajikistan, Rudaki Park, and the Presidential Palace
  • Visit the local bazaar to buy traditional Navruz items such as sumalak (a traditional Navruz dish), wheatgrass, and flowers
  • Attend a traditional Navruz concert in the evening
  • Participate in the Navruz Day celebrations, which include visiting friends and family, giving and receiving gifts, and eating traditional Navruz dishes
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Hissar Fortress and Museum
  • Travel to Kulob, a city in southern Tajikistan known for its rich history and culture
  • Visit the Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani Shrine and the Kulob Regional Museum
  • Travel to Qurgonteppa, a city in southwestern Tajikistan
  • Visit the Khujand Fortress and Museum, and the Sughd Historical Museum
  • Visit the Iskandarkul Lake, located in the Fann Mountains
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch, crystal-clear waters of the lake
  • Visit the Varzob Valley, located on the outskirts of Dushanbe
  • Take a hike through the picturesque valley, and enjoy a picnic lunch

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--> Navruz celebration

--> Visiting Hisor Fortress

--> Sightseeng

--> Visiting Iskandarkul lake

--> Visiting Kulob Regional Museum

--> Visiting Khujand fortress and Sughd Historical Museum



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